‘Pathway' is a livelihood based project initiated by URJA to provide vocational and marketable skills to women. Lack of livelihood opportunities for women and girls is a primary cause for vulnerability to trafficking and sexual exploitation. This coupled with lack of education and gender disparity further exacerbates the problem. It is necessary to provide viable economic opportunities through skill-building and training to women. This will provide them with a sense of self agency and control. A comprehensive prevention program that stresses on gainful employment and education will promote gender equity, increase self sufficiency and decrease gender violence and discrimination.

A small survey was conducted by the organization in December 2011 to explore the skill based activities women would like to pursue. Majority of them wanted to take up viable options such as stitching, tailoring and beautician’s course. Based on their feedback, URJA initiated a a basic tailoring course in August 2012. Today, a group of 10 girls are learning basic stitching and tailoring in URJA. We hope that after they complete their course the trained girls would be self employed.

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If you would like to sponsor an URJA girl for livelihood skills :


Development of social entrepreneurship model for prevention of violence against women, especially for trafficked and those trapped in intergenerational prostitution.


  • To establish a vocational training unit to provide women with vocational training in marketable/ viable skills such as tailoring, stitching, running of beauty parlours, incense stick making, greeting cards, book binding etc.
  • Encourage local employment of women by increasing access to local job markets, confidence building and development of personal and social skills .
  • Build managerial and technical capacity skills to enable them to run a business.
  • To provide women with basic equipment to start their own businesses and/ or help them with a job.
  • To liase and network with women's business associations to represent women's interests, provide them with technical, administrative and logistical support and promote their products in the formal market.