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URJA has established a ‘Learning Centre’ in the community. The Centre provides education to women and children in a safe and conducive environment. It makes learning fun through extra curricular activities like arts and crafts, skits and street plays. The Learning Centre runs a Balwadi ( pre school ) which caters to 15-20 children from the community.

Children of migrant women and/or women in prostitution are first generation learners . Their parents have never been to school or have dropped out at an early age. To prepare 3-5 year olds for formal school education and to overcome their fear of learning, a 'Balwadi' has been setup for three hours a day. A local resident has been appointed as a teacher. Children are taught English, Hindi, alphabets, numbers, shapes and colours.

Education is a powerful tool to enable women to improve their own lives and that of their families, take informed decisions, resist and protect themselves from domestic violence, sexual exploitation, HIV&AIDS, trafficking, and other forms of gender based violence. Access to education for children of migrant women  is a prevalent problem as parents cannot afford to send their children to school due to the hidden costs involved; purchase of uniforms, school books, bag, shoes, food and transport. Furthermore, education of girls is not a priority and they are often compelled to discontinue their education citing sibling care and household work. The link between unequal access of girls to education, including non-formal education and training, and increased vulnerability to sexual exploitation and abuse is well documented.

Hence, URJA’s ‘Learning Centre’ has been set up to instill the importance of education in the community and to enroll and retain children in school. The ‘Learning Centre’ is also providing full educational sponsorships to children from the community to private schools in Najafgarh, New Delhi. The scholarship includes tuition fees, books, stationery and transport costs.

Be a Sponsor

You can sponsor an URJA child for education in a private school for Rs. 25,000 per year per child. The child will be admitted to a private school in Najafgarh. "Your donation will cover tuition fees, books, stationery and transportation cost from home to school and back.



Hitesh is the son of a poor family in Pandvala Kalan village in Najafgarh New Delhi. His father is unable to look after his large family with his monthly income. Hitesh was good in his studies but was unable to cope as his parents are uneducated and illiterate. He joined URJA’s tuition classes and very soon was able to understand his lessons and perform well in class. URJA is supporting him to study in a nearby private school and is covering his tuition fee.


Bharti’s mother is wheelchair bound and her father, a painter is a drunkard and wayward. He refuses to take responsibility of his children and is rarely present in the house.

Bharti’s mother approached URJA for educational support for her daughter. Today, Bharti is admitted in a private school  and is excelling in studies and extra curricular activities. She is a good painter and wants to be a teacher when she grows up.



Prachi is a regular student at URJA' s Balwadi. She insists on coming with her beloved grandmother every day. Our Balwadi teaches 3-5 year olds basic alphabets, numbers, shapes and nursery rhymes. It is the foundation course that instills a love of learning in children and paves the way for formal schooling.

Recently, Prachi has been mainstreamed into a nearby private school and will be soon commencing her formal schooling.


LIBRARY : A library has been set up to improve reading and comprehension skills of children. The library has been stocked with books on general knowledge, stories and fables.

NETWORKING WITH SCHOOLS AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES : There are 4 municipal schools in and around Najafgarh. The organization is actively meeting and networking with school authorities for awareness and resources for children.